Thinking. (The Start of the 365 Day Challenge.)

Lately I have been thinking a lot. Assessing my life and just spending time reflecting on where I am right now, in this present moment. I came to a few conclusions; one being that I am probably the happiest I have ever been, but one stood out, and that was this blog, in particular the fact that I don’t write for this blog half as much as I should, and would like. Honestly, uploading a blog post is my favourite thing to do. Just seeing the likes come in (granted it isn’t many, but it’s still super cool) always feels extremely rewarding, yet, due to laziness, I haven’t uploaded a blog post in almost a month and this must change. So I have decided to make a bold decision, one which I aim to stick to and complete, and that is to upload an Instagram picture and hopefully an accompanying blog post every day for 365 days, or a year, as 365 days is known. I feel this will be a great way to document the year and maybe even inspire others as there isn’t much positivity on social media these days. Now, hear me out, the blog post may not happen every day. In an ideal world it will, but uni and stuff, so sometimes it will only be a picture, or a very short post, but still, there will be something. And it won’t just be a stupid Instagram picture either, it will be something that has inspired me in that day, something I’ve done etc. Kind of like a mini blog post in itself. But yeah, I have made a new Instagram account for this (so not the one on the side of this page), I would love it if you could follow it. The account is @mrharrisondavis (just click that and it should appear like magic).

Anyway, that’s all from me. Hope you’re all doling well and thanks for reading. Keep smiling Harrison.


Teens Tell Their Story (Week 3): YouTube

This is week 3 of the amazing ‘teens tell their story’ project run by the equally amazing Caitlyn & Sherina. I missed week 2, unfortunately, but really enjoyed week 1 (you can read it here) and I’m back to do week 3! As you can tell by the title, this weeks topic is YouTube.

If you’re like me, then YouTube has replaced TV in your life and pretty much all of the video content you consume comes from the online platform, except for Emmerdale, I love Emmerdale. I frickin love YouTube. It allows me to travel the world from my sofa (well…kinda) as well as be entertained on a daily basis. I can’t imagine my life without it, and I realise how sad that sounds,but I don’t care. What’s great about YouTube is, for the most part, it allows for an extremely positive community of people with similar interests to interact. In addition to this, anyone can make a channel and build a fanbase, which is awesome and means the level of creativity on the platform is always impressively high. It is also exceptionally versatile and therefore can satisfy any of your audience needs for example; I watch YouTube to laugh, interact or be informed, in fact most of my education probably comes from YouTube, which is awesome. My favourite YouTubers are mainly travel vloggers, not only do I really enjoy their personality, but watching their videos makes me want to pursue my dream even more, which can only be a good thing. I watch people like Ben Brown, the VagaBrothers and Nadine Sykora religiously for those exact reasons, and I will never get bored of their content. In addition to these YouTubers, others I watch on a daily basis are mainly comedy channels, in particular Onision (controversial I know) and JacksFilms, they are both hilarious.

So yeah that’s my take on this weeks topic, as you can tell, I love YouTube. Let me know if you do too! Please check out the creators of this project above, their blogs really are amazing. And thankyou for reading. Also, I linked the YouTubers for ease of access if you wanted to check them out 🙂

Keep smiling, Harrison.

Teens Tell Their Story (Week 1): The Struggles of Being a Teenager

The teens tell their story projects is finally here! Sherina and Caitlyn (please check out their amazing blogs) came up with this awesome project which encourages teenagers, like myself, to write about a chosen topic each week. This week, as you can see from the title, is ‘The struggles of being a teenager’. So without further ado, here we go…

Personally; I love being a teenager, and the first thing that came to mind when seeing this topic is actually becoming an ‘adult’ and moving on. I mean who wants to grow up? Exactly. No one. I guess this would come under the category of responsibility. You start your teenage years at 13 (obviously) with little to no responsibility and slowly you have to get a job because your parents no longer fund your frequent cinema trips, you have to actually revise for exams due to the fact they will directly impact your future (although I never really revised, but yeah) and most of all you are constantly hounded with the extremely annoying question ‘what do you want to as a career when you’re older’, a question which haunts the minds of many teenagers, especially me. How am I supposed to know what job I want when I’m older, or what I want to study at university when I can’t even decide what socks to wear for the day? This sounds like I’m just moaning because I am super lazy and can’t be bothered to have responsibility, and if you thought that you would be right, I am teenager after all. But yeah growing up and actually having to mature is definitely a struggle, at least it is for me.

This brings me to my next struggle. The media HATES us. Like a lot. Teenagers are portrayed as evil and thuggish entities who wear hoodies, carry knives and get drunk 24/7. Whilst this stereotype has calmed down recently it still annoys me as most teenagers are rather nice and because of the media’s representation of us I’ve had old people cross the road to avoid walking past me whilst I’ve been wearing a hoodie. I’d much rather give an old person a hug than stab them, unless of course their name is Rupert Murodch, in which case i’d get sharpening my blade. For real though, it is annoying carrying the burden for other teenagers wrong doings.

The final struggle I am including in this list is of course school. Now, for the most part, I have enjoyed my education thus far, mainly due to the fact sixth form was awesome, however, school is probably the single most moaned about thing in all of history (except maybe the weather, I am British after all). There are many things about school that could be deemed a struggle, but I’ll just concentrate on a couple of them. First and foremost; teachers. And not just because they give you homework, it’s the fact they have to  patronise you and talk down to you with a level of respect even Kanye West wouldn’t steep to. Now not all teachers are like this of course, but there are a large enough proportion of them for it to be considered a struggle, that’s for sure… No I wouldn’t jump of a bridge because he told me to, sir! (That line was the main culprit for me, I can’t be the only one that finds that extremely annoying haha). Finally, and this is probably the biggest struggle, you have to adjust you personality to fit in, especially since I went to an all boys school. This is why I enjoyed sixth form so much, I could be my weird, camp self and, even though a few people thought I was gay :(, it was completely fine and I had a very close friend group. Whereas at secondary school I had to adjust my personality and do things I thought other people would like, rather than for myself and this was most definitely a struggle. I mean I don’t want to talk about what I would do to random female stranger 24/7 (Yes that is what some #lads talk about, allll the time).

So yeah, there are just a few of my struggles of being a teen. I hoped you enjoyed reading and if you want to find out more about the project, or get involved yourself, then check out Caitlyn and Sherina’s blogs using the link above. Keep smiling, Harrison.