Time Flies

I know it’s a cliche, but time does really fly. It feels like yesterday that I was nervous about transitioning into uni life, but here I am now, with a year under my belt and loving every minute of it.

I genuinely can’t believe that I have finished a year at uni, like how did that happen? (okay I still have one exam left, but still!) And not only that, but I’m actually doing quite well, despite my attendance may suggest. I mean, I haven’t failed anything yet, emphasis on the yet as I just submitted my poetry assignment, and this first year I’m on for at least a 2:1, which is bloody good and far better than I expected. Granted I’m not the perfect uni student, I have been roped into doing a few things I probably shouldn’t have and left whole assignments till the last day etc etc, but in my opinion that’s what uni is about, having fun, you just happen to get a degree out of it at the end. That outlook is more than likely an awful one, however; I just think Uni is far more about growing as a person than getting a qualification, but maybe that’s just my laid back attitude coming into play again.

Anyways, I’m rambling, as usual. If anyone reading this is on the fence about university, I say go for it, you won’t regret it. People look at it like it’s just the degree, but it’s so much more than that. You make friends and have experiences that will stay for life, you discover new passions, finally live independently and most importantly, grow exponentially as a person whilst still holding onto that childish, teenager side who goes clubbing the day before 9am lectures. Obviously it’s not for everyone, but uni, like life, is what you make of it, and in my opinion everyone can make uni the time of their lives if they want to.

But back to the title of this post. One of my favourite quotes is this “The bad news is time flies. The good news is you’re the pilot.” I like to try and live my life by that. Making the most of every opportunity, being the best possible person I can be and having a load of fun along the way.  We’re all on this rollercoaster that is life together, so let’s make the most of it hey. And…

Keep smiling, Harrison

(Soz for going all inspirational, Gandhi style on you there)


Loving Life :)

For some reason these last few weeks I’ve felt super happy, like on top of the world and I have no idea why, but I like it (obviously). Nothing of note has changed in my life, I just feel great. Maybe it’s because I have finally motivated myself to actually start working; whether that be Uni work, attending class or writing blog posts, I have finally pulled the metaphorical finger out and started being productive again. Like this week was my first week at University where I got 100% attendance and, bearing in mind I only have 8 hours a week and this is week 11 (or 12?), that is not something to be proud of. I also just love University in general. It’s not like school where you had groups of people, many of whom were horridly judgmental and just mean, everyone is like minded and therefore pretty much everyone gets along. Living away from home (gotta be careful here because my Mum usually reads my posts) is also amazing, I love being able to go in the kitchen and just sit and talk with my flatmates, who are awesome and somehow cope with my weirdness. The people I’ve met and became acquainted with at Uni are people I will never forget and, luckily for me, many of them live abroad so hopefully I have somewhere to stay when I go travelling, not to use them or anything, haha. In addition to this I’ve actually sorted out my accommodation for next year, super exciting. Whilst I love halls I cannot wait to live in a house, who I am sharing with my 2 awesome friends, I mean the landlord said I can have a pet Tortoise, of course I’m gonna be excited!

So yeah, bit of a random post but life is good at the moment and why not spread some positivity. Oooh one more thing. I got my grade for my Studying Literature module and it was, to my bemusement, an A grade, which I am ecstatic with and it has upped my confidence for the course massively. I hope everyone who reads this is also feeling happy. Keep smiling, Harrison 🙂

The Future, Embrace It

If you’re like me there’s nothing worse than moving on. The daunting feeling of the future is something I find crippling and extremely apprehensive towards. I’m someone who lives completely in the present and ‘goes with the flow’ to put it simply, and this works for me. Throughout school and sixth form questions along the lines of “what do you want to do when you’re older” are something I strive to avoid due to the simple fact that I don’t like moving on. Whilst the idea of going to my dream university to study something that I love excites me, at the same time I can’t comprehend leaving everything that’s currently in my life behind. And what’s even stranger is that I know when I do inevitably take this metaphorical leap of faith and uncover a new chapter to my life, everything will be fine and I will have this looming felling the next time I have to move on. These feelings and anxieties are not all bad, it means that most of the time I am happy and content with my life as long as I know exactly what I’m doing and the relationships I develop with people in my life are very strong, which can be good or bad depending on how you look at it. However thinking about the future and what it holds scares me and can have a negative impact on my life. It prevents me from making decisions, taking on opportunities amongst a wealth of other things. This fear of the unknown is very common I’m sure and I reckon everyone has some sort of apprehension towards moving on and uncovering a new chapter of their life. Basically I am writing this post to remind myself, and others if you feel the same, that the future is inevitable, you can’t stop it and the best way to avoid these feelings is to enjoy the present and embrace the future and everything it holds, the future soon turns into the present so the thing you fear, in reality never actually arrives so what’s there to be afraid of?

Keep Smiling, Harrison 🙂

Another Chapter… Hello 2015!

One thing I have learnt from 2014 is that time flies. It seems as I get older time gets faster, so in mathematical terms, the speed of time is directly proportional to my rise in age. Obviously I know that the passing of time hasn’t got faster, that would be impossible, however it definitely feels like it has. Anyway away from the physics of time and back to the point. I left the year unsatisfied, not really making any positive progress in my life, I feel like I just coasted through the year and blamed school work for my lack of motivation and the fact it went so damn fast for my lack of achievements. I’m not saying it was a bad year, I did lots of positive things, just a lazy one, and if there’s one thing I regret it’s not writing more and pursuing my dream of becoming a travel writer. Whilst 2015 didn’t start very well (I got attacked and now have a broken jaw and can’t eat for 8 weeks, but I won’t dabble on that) I’m hoping the worst is already behind me and therefore, as the great Augustus Waters once said, ‘I am on a rollercoaster only going up my friends’.

I’m not someone who makes ‘new years resolutions;’ however there are certain things I want to achieve this year and this blog post will hopefully remind me of these and this time next year I can look back to this post and thus reflect on they year.

Stay Fit: I know right, how original but hear me out. I started going to the gym at the start of May and slacked off (mainly due to things out of my control) towards the end of the year. So I just plan on picking that back up again and staying consistent, going 3-4 times a week.

Blog More: If I want to be a travel writer i’m going to need as much experience as humanely possible due to how saturated the market is. I plan on writing at least 2 blog posts a month, it doesn’t sound like a lot but it’s definitely a step in the right direction.

Get Into University: And not just any university, Bangor University in Wales. If I don’t get in there i’m not sure what i’m going to do as my heart is pretty set on it (it really is beautiful, google it). And the course I will hopefully be studying is Creative and Professional Writing.

Read More: As someone who wants to study Creative Writing at University I don’t read half as much as I should. This year I aim to fix that, hopefully reading one book a month as well as various travel stories and blogs online. This is probably the hardest one for me as I get easily distracted by the demon that is social media but I feel this can be achieved.

Overcome my Fear: I despise public speaking, and the thought of it makes me sick. I hope that this year I can make steps into overcoming this anxiety as it does hold me back in life.

Overall my goal is to just be more productive, not just with school, but in every aspect of life. Stop sleeping in, reduce procrastination time by at least 100%, say yes to more opportunities but most of all this year, and this should be everyone’s main goal, I’m going to try and stay happy and not worry about things, like school, too much.

I hope you all have a great year. Keep smiling, Harrison 🙂

Be Happy, Don’t Let Education and Stress Take Over Your Life.

From an early age we are hounded about how important passing our exams are and constantly forced to decide what we want to do when we are older. When in reality how are we supposed to know when we are yet to experience the world and discover our true passions? 12 year olds should not be worried about how much money they are going to earn when they are older or what the media will think of them if they don’t get all of their predicted grades, they should be playing with friends and enjoying their childhood. The amount of pressure put on the youth of today is relentless and quite disgusting. I currently attend sixth form and it’s just not a nice environment, if people aren’t at sixth form they are complaining about the stress it causes, and there’s been a freakish number of occasions where people in my year have had to go for counselling as they can’t deal with the pressure and stress it causes. Obviously, in my opinion, this is not right and my message to anyone reading this is; do not worry too much about school, exams, future careers or money. Whilst they seem important in reality they really aren’t worth getting worked up about. Ultimately happiness is the most important thing and the only thing that truly matters, especially when you are so young. This doesn’t mean however you should rule out doing any school work whatsoever, it’s about finding the right balance between work and play and when you find that success or happiness will come, believe me. So be happy, pursue your dream/passion and do things you enjoy and getting those grades will come easier to you,  a clutter less mind is bound to work better than a stressed and crowded mind, remember that and stay strong.

Keep Smiling, Harrison 🙂