“Being Vegan Is Too Hard”… 2/365

Today I’d just like to address the statement “Being a Vegan is too Hard”. I uploaded the picture on instagram, click here, of this incredible, 100% vegan burger, I ate at a local restaurant and it just made me think. Being vegan is now easier than ever. More and more companies are taking responsibility and offering food and products which are safe for vegans. Granted, they are only doing this for profit, supply meets demand and all that, but it still means that veganism is being presented to the mainstream and is easily accessible. It feels like every week I see an announcement that a shop or restaurant has a new range of vegan food/has changed the recipe of a meal to make it vegan. For example; just last week Sainsburys released a delicious range of vegan cheeses, now nicknamed Gary, and even McDonald’s have made their burger (if you ask for no mayo) and fries vegan friendly. The food industry really is revolutionising, the dairy industry is declining rapidly and veganism is rising at that same pace. Just look at the statistics for veganunary. 2016 saw a rise of 5x the amount of people participating, and 6 months on 50% of them had remained vegan, that’s a lot of people.

Anyway, I’m getting sidetracked. I guess what I’m trying to say is this. Don’t use the excuse that being vegan is too hard, educate yourself and come to the decision based on actual logic rather than laziness. Yes, we might have to read labels and such, but what’s 5 minutes out of your day.

Please see yesterday’s post here, if you wish.

Thanks for reading day 2/365 and keep smiling, Harrison 🙂


10 Random Facts About Me

Okay so one thing I noticed about my blog is that it isn’t very personal, as in there’s not much actual info about me. Therefore I have decided to change that, so here are some random facts about me (if you care, I hope you do).

Random Fact One: I’m a vegetarian. I know what you’re thinking, how does one become so muscular without a source of animal protein. I know it’s hard to believe but I guess I’m just blessed, and in the words of Lady GaGa, ‘I was born this way’.

Random Fact Two: As you can tell from the previous fact, I am a narcissist. There’s nothing I love more in this world than myself, and rightfully so, I mean just look at me 😛

Random Fact Three: As you can tell from the two previous facts, I am extremely sarcastic and should never be taken seriously. I know I’m amazing and all, but seriously, how can I be the thing I love most in this world when Taylor Swift is still alive?

Random Fact Four: As you can tell from the previous fact, I love Taylor Swift. I remember around the time of her beautiful song Love Story’s release I was in complete denial about the fact I loved her music in order to stay cool and not get abused (I went to an all boys school).

Random Fact Five: As you can tell from the previous fact, I went to an all boys school. Despite the high levels of testosterone that filled the air it was actually pretty good. The only downside was that I didn’t have any girls to impress (refer to fact number 3).

Random Fact Six: Now this ones a cool story. My cousin and I were both born on exactly the same day, in exactly the same hospital and our parents had exactly the same name (Tracey Beasley). Pretty crazy huh. It was so unique that we featured on many newspapers, GMTV and our parents even had radio interviews! Also, apparently there is more chance of seeing Elvis Presley riding a lock ness monster than this happening, or so the local newspaper made out.

Random Fact Seven: My favourite music artists include Stereophonics, Paolo Nutini, McFly, Hoodie Allen, Against the Current, MCR, Taylor Swift (obviously) and Sixties Retro.

Random Fact Eight: Back in the day I used to be the king of Yu-Gi-Oh. My deck was incredible and very rarely did I lose. This is something I am immensely proud of to this day. Kinda bonus fact: I also love anime, this spiralled from my love for Yu-GiOh as a child.

Random Fact Nine: I have a super cute and adorable dog called Tilly/Iggy/Iggy Piggy/Babadoo/Iccle Till/Tilly Bob Beasley. The name varies depending on how I feel and she is a Sausage Dog cross Labrador.

 Random Fact Ten: This is what my face looks like…


Okay, I hope that gave you an insight into who I am. I guess the main reason I made this post was to add something to my about page, and who knows when I become that super famous blogger I can refer all the fans to this!

Keep smiling, Harrison 🙂