Thinking. (The Start of the 365 Day Challenge.)

Lately I have been thinking a lot. Assessing my life and just spending time reflecting on where I am right now, in this present moment. I came to a few conclusions; one being that I am probably the happiest I have ever been, but one stood out, and that was this blog, in particular the fact that I don’t write for this blog half as much as I should, and would like. Honestly, uploading a blog post is my favourite thing to do. Just seeing the likes come in (granted it isn’t many, but it’s still super cool) always feels extremely rewarding, yet, due to laziness, I haven’t uploaded a blog post in almost a month and this must change. So I have decided to make a bold decision, one which I aim to stick to and complete, and that is to upload an Instagram picture and hopefully an accompanying blog post every day for 365 days, or a year, as 365 days is known. I feel this will be a great way to document the year and maybe even inspire others as there isn’t much positivity on social media these days. Now, hear me out, the blog post may not happen every day. In an ideal world it will, but uni and stuff, so sometimes it will only be a picture, or a very short post, but still, there will be something. And it won’t just be a stupid Instagram picture either, it will be something that has inspired me in that day, something I’ve done etc. Kind of like a mini blog post in itself. But yeah, I have made a new Instagram account for this (so not the one on the side of this page), I would love it if you could follow it. The account is @mrharrisondavis (just click that and it should appear like magic).

Anyway, that’s all from me. Hope you’re all doling well and thanks for reading. Keep smiling Harrison.


10 Random Facts About Me

Okay so one thing I noticed about my blog is that it isn’t very personal, as in there’s not much actual info about me. Therefore I have decided to change that, so here are some random facts about me (if you care, I hope you do).

Random Fact One: I’m a vegetarian. I know what you’re thinking, how does one become so muscular without a source of animal protein. I know it’s hard to believe but I guess I’m just blessed, and in the words of Lady GaGa, ‘I was born this way’.

Random Fact Two: As you can tell from the previous fact, I am a narcissist. There’s nothing I love more in this world than myself, and rightfully so, I mean just look at me 😛

Random Fact Three: As you can tell from the two previous facts, I am extremely sarcastic and should never be taken seriously. I know I’m amazing and all, but seriously, how can I be the thing I love most in this world when Taylor Swift is still alive?

Random Fact Four: As you can tell from the previous fact, I love Taylor Swift. I remember around the time of her beautiful song Love Story’s release I was in complete denial about the fact I loved her music in order to stay cool and not get abused (I went to an all boys school).

Random Fact Five: As you can tell from the previous fact, I went to an all boys school. Despite the high levels of testosterone that filled the air it was actually pretty good. The only downside was that I didn’t have any girls to impress (refer to fact number 3).

Random Fact Six: Now this ones a cool story. My cousin and I were both born on exactly the same day, in exactly the same hospital and our parents had exactly the same name (Tracey Beasley). Pretty crazy huh. It was so unique that we featured on many newspapers, GMTV and our parents even had radio interviews! Also, apparently there is more chance of seeing Elvis Presley riding a lock ness monster than this happening, or so the local newspaper made out.

Random Fact Seven: My favourite music artists include Stereophonics, Paolo Nutini, McFly, Hoodie Allen, Against the Current, MCR, Taylor Swift (obviously) and Sixties Retro.

Random Fact Eight: Back in the day I used to be the king of Yu-Gi-Oh. My deck was incredible and very rarely did I lose. This is something I am immensely proud of to this day. Kinda bonus fact: I also love anime, this spiralled from my love for Yu-GiOh as a child.

Random Fact Nine: I have a super cute and adorable dog called Tilly/Iggy/Iggy Piggy/Babadoo/Iccle Till/Tilly Bob Beasley. The name varies depending on how I feel and she is a Sausage Dog cross Labrador.

 Random Fact Ten: This is what my face looks like…


Okay, I hope that gave you an insight into who I am. I guess the main reason I made this post was to add something to my about page, and who knows when I become that super famous blogger I can refer all the fans to this!

Keep smiling, Harrison 🙂