Turning 18 and (Almost) Party Disaster!

On Saturday I hit the big one, and no that isn’t a home run, I did in fact, along with my cousin who shares the same birthday as me (cool story that is), turn 18. I can now legally drink, buy fireworks, get married or even write my own will, although that might be a bit hasty. Not only did I turn 18, I also threw, again along with my cousin, my first proper party and even though my Mum did most of the planning, I was extremely apprehensive. I mean you don’t want to be that guy who’s known for throwing a terrible party, it’s social suicide! Luckily the party went extremely well, the dance-floor was consistently full of extremely drunk dad dancers, the turnout was better than expected and there was no trouble at all, quite surprising considering the amount of alcohol consumed. There was however one blip in the otherwise perfect occasion and this came right at the start of the event. My cousin and I had compiled the playlist of all playlists consisting of, as the great Free Radio say, ‘A bit of old and a bit of new’. We thought it would be a good idea to leave the playlist on shuffle, and how wrong we were. It went from dance central to tear jerker in a matter of seconds and we panicked. Luckily there was only family here at this time, but still, we only had a matter of minutes to fix this. We frantically tried to organise the playlist, making sure there were no sudden jumps in the mood and that a consistent flow of upbeat songs were playing for the bulk of the night and then slower songs as the evening came to an end. Somehow, we succeeded, and managed to sort the playlist perfectly in less than 10 minutes, making sure the Beach Boys blended nicely with Skrillex – Bangarang. It was amazing. However, let this be a lesson to you all, don’t trust shuffle!

Thank you for reading, let me know if you have had any party disasters like me! Keep smiling, Harrison.