Loving Life :)

For some reason these last few weeks I’ve felt super happy, like on top of the world and I have no idea why, but I like it (obviously). Nothing of note has changed in my life, I just feel great. Maybe it’s because I have finally motivated myself to actually start working; whether that be Uni work, attending class or writing blog posts, I have finally pulled the metaphorical finger out and started being productive again. Like this week was my first week at University where I got 100% attendance and, bearing in mind I only have 8 hours a week and this is week 11 (or 12?), that is not something to be proud of. I also just love University in general. It’s not like school where you had groups of people, many of whom were horridly judgmental and just mean, everyone is like minded and therefore pretty much everyone gets along. Living away from home (gotta be careful here because my Mum usually reads my posts) is also amazing, I love being able to go in the kitchen and just sit and talk with my flatmates, who are awesome and somehow cope with my weirdness. The people I’ve met and became acquainted with at Uni are people I will never forget and, luckily for me, many of them live abroad so hopefully I have somewhere to stay when I go travelling, not to use them or anything, haha. In addition to this I’ve actually sorted out my accommodation for next year, super exciting. Whilst I love halls I cannot wait to live in a house, who I am sharing with my 2 awesome friends, I mean the landlord said I can have a pet Tortoise, of course I’m gonna be excited!

So yeah, bit of a random post but life is good at the moment and why not spread some positivity. Oooh one more thing. I got my grade for my Studying Literature module and it was, to my bemusement, an A grade, which I am ecstatic with and it has upped my confidence for the course massively. I hope everyone who reads this is also feeling happy. Keep smiling, Harrison 🙂


I’M BACK! + Starting University and Stuff.

First things first I would like to apologise. I know I don’t have a huge active following, but still, I have neglected writing a post for so long now and that was never my intention, I’m sorry. I love blogging and want to continue, I’ve just been extremely lazy these last few months but that laziness is no more (I hope). So, what have I been up to I hear you ask? Well a lot has changed during the 3 months I have been absent. I started university, went vegan, faced a brutal rejection (lol), bought a cactus, fought a giant polar bear (lie) and got drunk… a lot. It’s been fun.

So yeah, I am now a student at Bangor University in the North of Wales studying Creative & Professional Writing, and so far I love it! Granted I haven’t attended that many of my lectures and seminars (like I said, I’ve been lazy), but the overall University experience has been amazing. Making new friends, from a variety of places may I add, living independently and away from family, joining new clubs and societies and studying something I, for the most part, thoroughly enjoy have all made my, so far brief, time here in Bangor something I will never forget. It also helps that Bangor in itself is a wonderful place to live, a lot more chilled than Coventry and full of natural beauty. I also feel like I have grown and changed substantially, for the good, I hope, since coming to University. I mean you have to when living alone. For the first time in my life I have to actually be a responsible adult, and with that of course you are going to evolve and adapt.

Ahhh, this feels good, actually writing a blog post. I know it’s not very long or interesting but it feels refreshing getting back on the metaphorical horse that is the blogosphere (I hope I spelt that correctly). But yeah, how have you guys been? Good I hope. I can’t wait to start reading your blogs again, I must have missed so much!

If you got this far then thanks for reading. I will be back sooner rather than later this time. Keep smiling, Harrison.

PROM! (And an apology)

Before I start this post I’d like to apologise. Not only have I neglected writing a post for so long, I also haven’t been keeping up with all of your amazing blogs, and this is inexcusable. Whilst I have been busy with other things I should/could have committed to reading and liking your posts and I promise it won’t happen again. Now that’s out of the way…

Recently (okay it was June 27th, I’m just late writing this post), my year group cemented our legacy as the greatest year group in sixth form history when we attended our leavers prom. It was an amazing day and one of the few times we have actually managed to get our whole group together.

Following my purchase of alcohol for the pre-drinks and a ‘fresh trim’ (that’s a phrase the youngsters use now, right?) I headed to my friends, where all my other friends were, for photos and pre-drinks. It was amazing, I loved it, everyone looked beautiful and everyone was happy, did I mention I loved it? (See some of the photos taken below). 100’s of photos and a few beverages later, our transport arrived, I went in a super cool pimped out Jeep. We then arrived at the venue, which was a rather swanky and very posh hotel, it was also amazing, despite the fact a 330ml bottle of beer cost £4.20, but I won’t get into that daylight robbery as this is supposed to be a positive post (bloody ridiculous). The vegetarian food, despite not knowing what it was, was surprisingly delicious, and not frickin nut roast, which is usually all we get! As the meal came to an end the teachers, and student leadership, made their hilarious but rather emotional speeches summarising the 2 years in sixth form and humiliating as many people as is possible in a short speech, me being one of them. From here the real party started, the DJ arrived and the photobooth was opened (wild, I know). We, along with the teachers, danced the night away. Prom officially ended at 12, however the party, of course, went on till the early hours in the morning (or the next afternoon if you’re me, oops). Several hours of clubbing, sweaty dancing with strangers, and way too much alcohol, later I got home in one piece (just) and had only managed to spend around £70 on drinks, lose a further £20 and lose my house key, as well as not inform my parents that I wouldn’t be returning home that night (I had 22 missed calls when I woke up). So yeah was an awesome night and one I will never forget haha. It was also hilarious seeing the teachers hammered and dancing to house music :D.

Hope you’re prom was as awesome and memorable as mine. Keep smiling, Harrison 🙂

Group Me & Raneeeeem

Me & Jonny Me & Jess Me & G

Me & Em Me & Ash Lads (2)

Turning 18 and (Almost) Party Disaster!

On Saturday I hit the big one, and no that isn’t a home run, I did in fact, along with my cousin who shares the same birthday as me (cool story that is), turn 18. I can now legally drink, buy fireworks, get married or even write my own will, although that might be a bit hasty. Not only did I turn 18, I also threw, again along with my cousin, my first proper party and even though my Mum did most of the planning, I was extremely apprehensive. I mean you don’t want to be that guy who’s known for throwing a terrible party, it’s social suicide! Luckily the party went extremely well, the dance-floor was consistently full of extremely drunk dad dancers, the turnout was better than expected and there was no trouble at all, quite surprising considering the amount of alcohol consumed. There was however one blip in the otherwise perfect occasion and this came right at the start of the event. My cousin and I had compiled the playlist of all playlists consisting of, as the great Free Radio say, ‘A bit of old and a bit of new’. We thought it would be a good idea to leave the playlist on shuffle, and how wrong we were. It went from dance central to tear jerker in a matter of seconds and we panicked. Luckily there was only family here at this time, but still, we only had a matter of minutes to fix this. We frantically tried to organise the playlist, making sure there were no sudden jumps in the mood and that a consistent flow of upbeat songs were playing for the bulk of the night and then slower songs as the evening came to an end. Somehow, we succeeded, and managed to sort the playlist perfectly in less than 10 minutes, making sure the Beach Boys blended nicely with Skrillex – Bangarang. It was amazing. However, let this be a lesson to you all, don’t trust shuffle!

Thank you for reading, let me know if you have had any party disasters like me! Keep smiling, Harrison.

Super Fun Day, Avengers Age of Ultron and Tom Cruise AKA God!

So today has been a good day. Not only was my new media teacher, who I was super anxious to meet, super cool, but I got to see my most anticipated film ever, Avengers Age of Ultron. And whilst I’m probably still buzzing off of the hype, it did not disappoint. It was epic. The action scenes were intense, the dialogue was hilarious, and despite my initial concerns, Ultron was an amazing villain. Superhero films are always my favourites and with phase 3 of Marvel’s universe just around the corner, and the teaser trailer for Batman vs Superman having just been released, this really is an awesome time to be a superhero fan, or a film fan in general. Recent trailers such as Terminator, Jurassic World and FREAKING Star Wars have me buzzing as a film buff and I cannot wait to digest them all with my eyeballs. This is a sidenote, but whilst I was at the cinema the trailer for Mission Impossible 5 came on, and I had a revelation. An epiphany that hit me out of nowhere, and you’re gonna have to let me know if you agree with this one, Tom Cruise is the sexiest man alive. I might be a straight, 17 y/o male but this 52 year old legend has beat the curse of time and just doesn’t age, the man is just incredible!

Oh p.s, fun story. After collecting my tickets I proceeded to drop them outside the Cinema, typical Harrison. After about half an hour I actually realised I lost them and panicked as this film was everything I needed in my life at that moment. So after rushing around town for what felt like an eternity retracing my steps, I found them just chilling on the floor outside. Super lucky. But yeah, that was (not) fun.

tom cruise

I mean just look at him hanging of a plane being super cool and awesome! Haha.

This blog post was way different to usual, but I’m in a weird mood. Gotta be up early for hospital though 😦 but yeahhh, keep smiling, Harrison 🙂

Anti-Feminism and International Women’s Day!

Anti-Feminism is something I find ludicrous and extremely baffling. I appreciate the fact you may not be a feminist or advocate equality between genders (because that’s what feminism is, equality, not superiority) however to call yourself an ‘anti-feminist’ is just plain stupid and incredibly naïve. I also understand that the differentiation between feminists and post-feminists, or ‘feminazi’s’, as they are known by many, is cloudy nowadays and there are frequent misinterpretations between the two definitions. I’m not going to bore you with the logistics but post-feminism is the advocacy of female superiority, which is also irrational and outrageous. Anyway back to the point. Those that do in fact oppose feminism, which let me emphasise again is equality for genders, owe many of the things they class as normal or luxuries to these so called men haters. For example women could not vote, women can now have a career independent from their husband if they wish, they can now wear what they like, have the right to divorce a man, not be treated like property, and the list goes on. Even today gender equality is an issue and to say feminists are just playing the victim is silly since by being a feminist you are supporting men’s rights as well. Basically what I’m trying to say is don’t call yourself an anti-feminist or say you don’t need feminism before actually thinking about it and/or doing some research if required, because who knows, without feminists women could quite easily be treated like cattle.

Whilst on the subject of women, happy International Women’s Day to all you women out there!

Keep smiling, Harrison 🙂

The Future, Embrace It

If you’re like me there’s nothing worse than moving on. The daunting feeling of the future is something I find crippling and extremely apprehensive towards. I’m someone who lives completely in the present and ‘goes with the flow’ to put it simply, and this works for me. Throughout school and sixth form questions along the lines of “what do you want to do when you’re older” are something I strive to avoid due to the simple fact that I don’t like moving on. Whilst the idea of going to my dream university to study something that I love excites me, at the same time I can’t comprehend leaving everything that’s currently in my life behind. And what’s even stranger is that I know when I do inevitably take this metaphorical leap of faith and uncover a new chapter to my life, everything will be fine and I will have this looming felling the next time I have to move on. These feelings and anxieties are not all bad, it means that most of the time I am happy and content with my life as long as I know exactly what I’m doing and the relationships I develop with people in my life are very strong, which can be good or bad depending on how you look at it. However thinking about the future and what it holds scares me and can have a negative impact on my life. It prevents me from making decisions, taking on opportunities amongst a wealth of other things. This fear of the unknown is very common I’m sure and I reckon everyone has some sort of apprehension towards moving on and uncovering a new chapter of their life. Basically I am writing this post to remind myself, and others if you feel the same, that the future is inevitable, you can’t stop it and the best way to avoid these feelings is to enjoy the present and embrace the future and everything it holds, the future soon turns into the present so the thing you fear, in reality never actually arrives so what’s there to be afraid of?

Keep Smiling, Harrison 🙂