Has Social Media Been Overrun by Evil Robots?

Is it just me or has social media been overrun by spam/bot accounts over the last few months? Literally every social media seems to be full of them, even my WordPress has, sadly, been affected. On Instagram I keep getting followed by, quite clearly fake, porn accounts asking me to ‘message them on Kik’. On Tumblr every single tag is full of click bait articles, with no relevance to the tag, being spammed, such as ’10 myths about Sex that are actually true’. On Twitter I have had an influx of  ‘follow 4 follow’ accounts following me and now finally even WordPress has been affected and I have been getting 100’s of views from places like Jordan in a matter of seconds, which has very much skewed my stats page.

I even asked my friends if they were experiencing the same problem, just in case I had clicked on something by accident which may have caused this, but no, they have had the same issues. Now this is nothing more than an inconvenience and I’m not going to get annoyed by it, but I hope it gets sorted before it gets even worse.

Side note but some horrible human has hacked University Wi-Fi’s across the UK so now my Wi-Fi is being rubbish and  I can’t continue my Tom Cruise marathon. First world problems man 😦

So yeah, let me know if you’ve been experiencing the same and Keep Smiling 🙂


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