Here We Go Again…

Before you read I just want to say this post is probably terrible. I have a lot of opinions regarding this issue but little knowledge, although it is all a big convoluted mess and hard for anyone to get there head around.

So here we go again. Unless you’ve been living under a rock this past week (shout out to my boy Patrick (SpongeBob reference)) then you’ll know that our, supposedly representative, Government have decided that the best option to stop conflict is by… creating more conflict, aka bombing ISIS regiments in Syria. Now, was this a good decision? In my opinion certainly not but, unfortunately, the majority of our MP’s thought British airstrikes contributing to the, already mass, devastation in Syria and the growing number of orphans and refugees could only be a good thing.

I’ve seen a multitude of Facebook posts stating that these bombs will “only kill ISIS radicals”, or something along those lines, as if they will deploy a force field, shielding innocents from the blast and only killing the evil terrorists. It reminds me of the time Britain launched airstrikes against militant groups in Iraq. The same people posted the same Facebook posts, defending our Governments actions and Cameron himself even said there would be “no reports of civilian casualties” following Britain’s operations in Iraq, yet the Iraq Body Count Organisation state that as many as 369 civilians were killed during the raid and this was on a much smaller scale. Heck even President Obama has said there are “unintended consequences” in regards to bombing Syria.

It’s not only the innocent lives that will be lost/ruined that makes this decision so absurd, it’s the Politics behind it. It wasn’t long ago that Cameron was asking MP’s in Parliament to bomb Assad, something that would have assisted ISIS, and now he’s asking us to bomb ISIS, purely due to the fact it’s closer to home now following the Paris attacks, so he knew people would be more inclined to vote for the motion this time around. There is no real outlined plan either, the eradication of ISIS would still leave the country in complete disarray, with Kurdish and rebel forces fighting one another, and both also fighting the President, Assad, who Russia are backing and the UK/USA are against. This civil war would still be happening, even in the fantasy land where ISIS are destroyed by these airstrikes. Bombing Syria will do nothing to eradicate ISIS. If anything it will only make them stronger, giving them more of an incentive to lure in front of other Sunni Muslims to join the fight against the Western World, feeding them the narrative that the Western World have seemingly destroyed their home, just like it did in Iraq, another war we committed to with no real plan, it’s Deja Vu. This is a political fight against terrorism, not a military one and Britain, for whatever reason, seem to be turning a blind eye to ISIS’ source of weapons and finance; Saudi Arabia and Turkey, and whilst ISIS do need to be defeated militarily, allowing the attacks in Paris to force our hand into an already multi-sided Civil War is foolish and probably something ISIS would want as, like I said, it allows them to feed prospective recruits this narrative.

Let us also look at the birth of ISIS. The US/UK invasion of Iraq in 2003 is probably the most significant event that led to ISIS’ creation. This quote from this article sums it up well…                                       “As the invasion sent Iraq tumbling into chaos, religious extremists rushed in, first to fight the American invaders and then to also wage what became a bloody civil war between Iraq’s Sunni minority and Shia majority (the jihadists are Sunni). The US disbanded Iraq’s Sunni-dominated army, now widely seen as a colossal error. Soldiers and officers, unemployed and aggrieved, joined the insurgents in large numbers.”

These militant groups would later be known as ISIS and would create territory in Syria which it would use as a launch platform for a massive invasion of Iraq. We know our intervention in Iraq, Afghanistan and Libya has never worked out how we want it to, leading to further complications and further conflict and I don’t see how this is going to be any different. This war on terror is a never ending battle and using the same tactics over and over again will never work, I mean we all know Einstein’s definition of insanity.

I’ve just lost all faith in the world at the moment. If bombing with the risk of killing children is the best solution to a problem then what kind of world is it?

So yeah. Bit of a different post, but something I wanted to say, I’m not even sure if I will make this public yet. Keep smiling (if you can in this world), Harrison.



3 thoughts on “Here We Go Again…

  1. You have spoken my mind, totally. Oh my god. I have nothing else to say except you phrased this SO well.
    Why kill so many people? Why PRETEND you’re not killing innocent people when everyone knows you WILL, and those that don’t are just blindsided by the government? WHY do we repeat the same mistakes, over and over?

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