Poetry. Poetry has slowly but surely become the bane of my existence over these last few months. One of my modules (Creative Writing: Poetry) requires me to write a lot of poetry, obviously, hence the name, and I just can’t do it. Not only do I struggle with writing poetry, but reading it too. I struggle comprehending some of the incredibly vivid imagery poets use to describe such seemingly simple topics, like say love, or death if you’re Edgar Allan Poe. I struggle understanding the structure and syntax and why authors chose such features and the significance these features have in the poem. But I suppose that’s the beauty of poetry, its complexity. Mainstream literature concentrates more so on the novel as the main art form and poetry seems to have declined over the years, at least in the eyes of the mainstream, and now is stereo-typically only written, and read, by the ‘high culture’ in society. But why is Prose so much more appreciated, at least by the majority? I suppose because novels are more relatable to humans in a simpler way and easier to connect to on a basic level. For example; everyone wants to hear a story. A before, middle and end and whilst poetry, in many cases, does tell a story, it presents this story in a far deeper way, hidden behind intricate imagery and language, which is perhaps why people, myself included, struggle to get into poetry initially. However, when you do connect with and understand a poem it is far more powerful than reading a novel. And whilst I started this post addressing poetry in a somewhat negative manner, I would like to finish by saying that poetry is beautiful. The reason my initial apprehension surrounding poetry existed was due to the fact I just didn’t, and couldn’t, understand it. As I have delved more into poetry and it’s multitude of different forms I have learnt to appreciate it more and more, even if I don’t quite understand it at first. So yeah, I don’t really know what the point of this post is, or whether it makes any sense, just wanted to show poetry some appreciation haha.

Keep Smiling, Harrison.


4 thoughts on “Poetry

  1. Hey, I feel this post on so many levels… I’m also in the process of completing poetry for my creative writing class, it’s due tomorrow, and it has been an incredibly painful experience. But I really like your take on it, poetry definitely deserves more attention and appreciation than it gets.

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  2. When I got a poetry class on my English class, I feel overwhelmed and it was very difficult. It was hard to write and read but after all, I got through it. If I got through it, you can get through it 🙂

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