Hypocrisy and Cecil the Lion.

Is everyone a hypocrite? The short answer to this seemingly simple question is, yes. Obviously the degrees of hypocrisy vary and some are very simple, for example; thinking that gossip is bad but then talking to a friend about someone behind their back. I mean nobody likes to be judged yet, whether this is consciously or unconsciously, we all judge others even if we do not mean to, and sometimes this is justified, such as labelling Adolph Hitler as a dickhead, and this is hypocrisy.

Humans are intelligent beings, and as we grow and evolve our ideology and opinions of things change therefore deeming us all ‘hypocrites’ to some extent. For example; I used to despise Justin Bieber and wished that he, along with his high pitched voice and annoyingly catchy songs (mainly ‘Baby’), would leave the public spotlight forever. But now I happen to think he is pretty fly (for a white guy) and actually quite like him. Now this is a very tedious example, but hopefully you get the picture. We live in a world designed for hypocrites, and if everyone practised what they preached the world would be even more disturbing and corrupt and the prisons would probably become very overcrowded, so some hypocrisy can be a good thing.

So yeah, I was thinking about this topic regarding the tragic death of Zimbabwe’s legendary… Cecil the Lion ‘rawr’ (that was a Madagascar reference, yknow Alex). Hunting animals for pleasure disgusts me, as it does most sane humans, and seeing people pose with a lions head or a rhinos lifeless carcass fills me with immense sadness and compassion towards the animal, and it seems almost everyone feels the same. However, I can’t help but sense an overwhelming amount of hypocrisy when people express their discomfort on trophy hunting and this particular case involving Cecil. Now as you know, I’m vegetarian (going Vegan in September when I go to University), so I am no saint surrounding this subject and therefore I am, at this present time, a hypocrite myself, but at least I understand why. In my opinion you can’t be upset about hunting and the killing of Cecil whilst consuming animal products with no care in the world. The animals people eat (pigs, cow, chicken etc) are by no means worth any less than lions and other endangered species. They have feelings and families just like Cecil, and other ‘precious’ animals. In fact, in a way, it is worse for the animals us humans eat. Chickens for example are hatched and then separated from their mothers instantly, injected/fed hormones to make them grow super fast and thus in an unhealthy way and then slaughtered within the first year of their life. Even the life they do live is usually caged and very painful for them, and that is just the surface of what the other animals humans eat go through. I don’t push my views down peoples throats usually, or look down on people who do eat meat, just thought this hypocrisy needed addressing, and if you do feel compassion towards Cecil then maybe it’s time to go vegan, or vegetarian at the very least. I mean, humans aren’t designed to eat meat anyway and animal products are actually unhealthy for us, so, just like trophy hunters, we slaughter and exploit animals for pleasure, just in the form of food rather than a ‘trophy kill’. Is bacon really worth the slaughter of an innocent being?

I hope this post made sense, I feel very passionately about this subject so start ranting and therefore writing terribly and way too fast. Also, I don’t mean to offend anyone with this post, but yeah, the truth hurts.

Watch this documentary if you want my point emphasising, be warned though, it will open your eyes to the sad truth. CLICK HERE.              (Image used in header not mine, obviously)

Keep smiling, Harrison 🙂


23 thoughts on “Hypocrisy and Cecil the Lion.

  1. Hello, your post was really well written! I’m a vegan so obviously I was upset by the horrific slaughter of Cecil, but to be honest I think a lot of people need to re-prioritise) Cecil (RIP) was mostly a tourist “attraction”, and the locals are surprised his murder is attracting so much attention. This is because so many HUMANS are killed in Zimbabwe and no one seems to be doing much about it. Why is there so much attention over the death of animal when there are still children being abused, people dying of poverty, and others shot because of white supremacy. It’s ridiculous.

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    1. Exactly! The media coverage of this incident has been full of corruption and hypocrisy. Weird how people can be so apathetic towards other serious incidents but then care so much about some. Thanks for the comment 😀


      1. Emmorica please remember that our hearts can be full of compassion for all living things – four and two legged animals. It doesn’t have to be one or the other! The wrongful murder of an animal is just as sad and unneccessary as the abuses you mentioned above!

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  2. I’m not a vegetarian, nor a vegan, to be completely honest! You made a very good point here. I had not thought about the whole covering of the topic from this perspective. In the end, a vast majority of people turns out to be hypocrites, I must agree.
    Interesting post.


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    1. Thankyou, I appreciate that. And yes, not many people make the connection between the food on their plates and where it has came from. The good thing about the media coverage of this incident is that it has opened people’s compassion towards animals! 😀 Thanks for the comment! 🙂

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  3. I have eaten a plant based diet for 8 years (3 vegetarian and 5 vegan) and agree with your rant! But the positive thing that has come out of this disgusting and heartbreaking situation is that people are beginning to see animals as something more than an object. I don’t imagine everyone will become vegan tomorrow but this is a huge step forward! Societies’ attitudes toward the animals that they eat will begin to change also! What is almost as sad as the death of this lion is the amount of violence that is being threatened toward the hunter. Violence and the threat of violence will continue to hold our planet and everything and everyone who inhabits it hostage.

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    1. Yes, I completely agree with you! If people can show compassion towards Cecil to this extent, then some will undoubtedly begin to feel the same towards the animals they eat. And yes, the violence towards the hunter is also unnecessary, and again also hypocritical.
      Thanks for the comment 🙂


  4. Completely on point. It’s also ironic that we condemn poaching especially callous cases like Cecil the Lion but evade the real cause of animal endangerment – Logging, ranching and agriculture etc. Sadly, it’s human development that is inexorably driving so many species to the brink of extinction.

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    1. I felt the same when I realised haha. And yeah, if you feel strongly against those things then being vegetarian/vegan will definitely be beneficial, believe me. Plus since becoming vegetarian my body and health feel a lot better, and fake meats taste great if you get cravings for meat so you aren’t losing out. I definitely recommend giving it a try! 🙂
      Thanks for the comment.

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  5. I really like your points and your sincerity. There were a lot of hypocrites in light of Cecil’s death, but I do disagree about what they were being hypocritical of.

    I don’t think a person has to forgo eating meat to have their views align with eliminating animal cruelty. As you said, Cecil and other animals are no less important than us humans and vice versa. The cruelty that goes into a lot of animal farming and the meat industry needs to change, but it isn’t inherently bad to eat meat. Many animals have meat as at least part of their diet. This includes humans (and I don’t think every human HAS to eat meat – merely saying that it isn’t unnatural for us to). Us eating meat in and of itself is no worse than all the gazelles, zebras, and every other meaty animal that Cecil himself ate. And relating to a comment above, decrying the death of Cecil while supporting acts like deforestation and ranching are far more hypocritical than eating meat.

    Again, great post and I look forward to reading more from you!

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    1. Sorry this reply is late, been super busy. I disagree there, humans aren’t natural meat eaters, our biology, pretty much, mimics that of a herbivore whereas Cecil, being a lion, cannot survive on just a plant diet, as us humans can do. So yeah, in my opinion, the only reason humans eat meat nowadays is either due to media manipulation, or it’s simply their choice which, again in my opinion, is very hypocritical and downright wrong.
      Thanks for the comment, it’s always nice to see negotiated views 🙂


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