PROM! (And an apology)

Before I start this post I’d like to apologise. Not only have I neglected writing a post for so long, I also haven’t been keeping up with all of your amazing blogs, and this is inexcusable. Whilst I have been busy with other things I should/could have committed to reading and liking your posts and I promise it won’t happen again. Now that’s out of the way…

Recently (okay it was June 27th, I’m just late writing this post), my year group cemented our legacy as the greatest year group in sixth form history when we attended our leavers prom. It was an amazing day and one of the few times we have actually managed to get our whole group together.

Following my purchase of alcohol for the pre-drinks and a ‘fresh trim’ (that’s a phrase the youngsters use now, right?) I headed to my friends, where all my other friends were, for photos and pre-drinks. It was amazing, I loved it, everyone looked beautiful and everyone was happy, did I mention I loved it? (See some of the photos taken below). 100’s of photos and a few beverages later, our transport arrived, I went in a super cool pimped out Jeep. We then arrived at the venue, which was a rather swanky and very posh hotel, it was also amazing, despite the fact a 330ml bottle of beer cost £4.20, but I won’t get into that daylight robbery as this is supposed to be a positive post (bloody ridiculous). The vegetarian food, despite not knowing what it was, was surprisingly delicious, and not frickin nut roast, which is usually all we get! As the meal came to an end the teachers, and student leadership, made their hilarious but rather emotional speeches summarising the 2 years in sixth form and humiliating as many people as is possible in a short speech, me being one of them. From here the real party started, the DJ arrived and the photobooth was opened (wild, I know). We, along with the teachers, danced the night away. Prom officially ended at 12, however the party, of course, went on till the early hours in the morning (or the next afternoon if you’re me, oops). Several hours of clubbing, sweaty dancing with strangers, and way too much alcohol, later I got home in one piece (just) and had only managed to spend around £70 on drinks, lose a further £20 and lose my house key, as well as not inform my parents that I wouldn’t be returning home that night (I had 22 missed calls when I woke up). So yeah was an awesome night and one I will never forget haha. It was also hilarious seeing the teachers hammered and dancing to house music :D.

Hope you’re prom was as awesome and memorable as mine. Keep smiling, Harrison 🙂

Group Me & Raneeeeem

Me & Jonny Me & Jess Me & G

Me & Em Me & Ash Lads (2)


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