Inspiration comes in the form of complete binary opposites. If you have inspiration life is good (in terms of productiveness and stuff), work is productive and you generally enjoy yourself, whereas if you’re lacking inspiration things begin to feel like chores and efficiency begins to plummet. As a blogger inspiration is a vital ingredient in my life. I like to keep my posts constant and frequent (depsite what my posting schedule may say) and in order to do so I need something interesting and/or appealing/enjoyable to write about and therefore inspiration. The good thing about inspiration is that it’s fluid, different people take inspiration from different things and it can come, or go, at any time. For example; you can take inspiration from things like films, books, or any other piece of creative text, or something as simple as witnessing an act of kindness, or maybe a beautiful Gandhi quote. Anything that perks your creativity and gives you the incentive to act on this is classed as inspiration. For me, inspiration comes in many different forms for the varying areas of my life. My inspiration to keep fit and healthy comes from people like Tony Horton and my Dad, my inspiration to write comes from authors such as Roald Dahl, travellers such as Ben Brown (hence the URL) and amazing fellow bloggers who upload awesome content on a regular basis. I also take inspiration from people I know and have respect for in real life, primarily my friends and family. It intrigues me to know where other people take inspiration, so if you;ve read this far please do let me know (i’ll provide you with a virtual emoji cookie in the comments).

From that I’ll leave you with this quote from one of the influential people of our life time, Steve Jobs. (I love this quote).


Keep smiling, Harrison ๐Ÿ™‚


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