Schools Out, Forever.

Okay so I finished school today, for good, I finished my last exam this morning and that’s it, all done. This is crazy. 15 years of my life I have been at school and it all culminated in these exams and now they’re done I have no responsibility (at least until university, if I go), it feels weird. As much as I have moaned about these last 2 years at sixth form, they have been the best years of my life, filled with amazing memories and even better people (it’s a shame the work sucked ass). To quote the late and great Dobby; ‘I am now a free elf’, hopefully this being free thing works better for me that it did Dobby, poor guy. I’ve never liked the idea of being an ‘adult’, I’ve always been too immature for that, but now I’m more than likely moving out in September, 3 hours away from any family, so I guess I’m gonna have to embrace adulthood. The main lesson I have learnt from school is to not take life too seriously, being weird and immature is a necessity (at least for me) and the moment you start worrying about money, work, exams or whatever is when you begin to get stressed. Okay maybe that isn’t the best advice as I could have done a lot better in school if I had actually tried, however, happiness and social life, in my opinion, always trumps work and exams. It’s about finding the right balance that works best for you I guess, I don’t know where this is going. Basically don’t get stressed over something as tedious as exams!

Moving away from that. My exams went great(ish)! Thanks for asking. All that’s left to do is burn all my school notes/work (I feel this is an appropriate metaphor) and attend prom, which I cannot wait for. Summer is going to be epic and life is good, I hope you all feel the same.

I apologise this post was so random and had absolutely no structure, but yeah, if you read this far thankyou. Keep smiling, Harrison πŸ™‚


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