My Travel Bucket List!

Travel related posts are always my favourite type of posts to write and they are usually the ones that go down the best, so, despite my lack of travel at this present time, I decided to compile my ‘Travel Bucket List’. A large proportion of my life consists of me reading or watching travel related articles/books/videos and through this I have discovered many activities that have significantly fuelled my desire to travel the world.

One of my dream travel destinations is Iceland, so naturally this post will feature various Icelandic adventures. The first quite obviously being to see the natural phenomenon, the Northern Lights. Even looking at pictures is enchanting, so to experience this in real life would be a truly remarkable experience. One more thing Iceland adds to my bucket list is to experience the ‘Blue Lagoon’. In a country known for being stereotypically cold, it may come as surprise that Iceland offers a geothermal spa with water temperature ranging from 37-39 degrees but, due to it being located in a lava field, it does and my god it looms relaxing. Plus it’s good for the skin and who doesn’t love skincare! One final thing I would love to do in Iceland, and it was hard to whittle it down to just 3, believe me, is visit the ‘Skaftafell Ice Cave’. In the country of ice there are obviously many ice/snow attractions; however, this one appeals to me the most purely for the fact it just looks incredible and quite extraordinary, I mean just look at the picture of it!

Okay, away from Iceland now. South East Asia is also a part of the world that I am eager to explore. The street markets in Asia particularly appeal to me due to the fact they combine culture with shopping and offer a great chance to interact with and immerse yourself with the locals. One specific market that stands out is the ‘Chatuchak Market’ in Bangkok. This weekend market has around 8000 stalls and is split into 27 sections (AKA it’s frickin huge) and pretty much sells everything a human being, like myself, would desire. Thailand is also the host of ‘The Full Moon Party’. The full moon party, whilst pretty crazy nowadays (I mean there’s drugs, sex and everything in between), is something that looks like so much fun, if done sensibly(ish). 40,000 people crammed onto the beach dancing throughout the night, having the time of their lives and consuming the occasional alcoholic beverage, okay a lied, a lot of alcohol is consumed, but that only adds to the fun haha.

So there is my travel bucket list. I tried to keep away from the things you would normally see on a typical bucket list. For example; The Taj Mahal, bungee jumping etc (although I definitely want to do those too). And obviously there are a lot more things I would love to do so maybe I will write a part 2, who knows. Let me know any of your travel aspirations and keep smiling, Harrison.

p.s If you would like to check out my ‘Dream Travel Destinations’ do so here (I will love you forever).

iceland            Blue Lagoon


6 thoughts on “My Travel Bucket List!

  1. I’ve just stumbled across your blog whilst searching for travel writing inspiration and it’s brilliant! Your enthusiasm for travelling is fantastic and having visited Chatuchak market last summer, I can assure you it’s a must!

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