Super Fun Day, Avengers Age of Ultron and Tom Cruise AKA God!

So today has been a good day. Not only was my new media teacher, who I was super anxious to meet, super cool, but I got to see my most anticipated film ever, Avengers Age of Ultron. And whilst I’m probably still buzzing off of the hype, it did not disappoint. It was epic. The action scenes were intense, the dialogue was hilarious, and despite my initial concerns, Ultron was an amazing villain. Superhero films are always my favourites and with phase 3 of Marvel’s universe just around the corner, and the teaser trailer for Batman vs Superman having just been released, this really is an awesome time to be a superhero fan, or a film fan in general. Recent trailers such as Terminator, Jurassic World and FREAKING Star Wars have me buzzing as a film buff and I cannot wait to digest them all with my eyeballs. This is a sidenote, but whilst I was at the cinema the trailer for Mission Impossible 5 came on, and I had a revelation. An epiphany that hit me out of nowhere, and you’re gonna have to let me know if you agree with this one, Tom Cruise is the sexiest man alive. I might be a straight, 17 y/o male but this 52 year old legend has beat the curse of time and just doesn’t age, the man is just incredible!

Oh p.s, fun story. After collecting my tickets I proceeded to drop them outside the Cinema, typical Harrison. After about half an hour I actually realised I lost them and panicked as this film was everything I needed in my life at that moment. So after rushing around town for what felt like an eternity retracing my steps, I found them just chilling on the floor outside. Super lucky. But yeah, that was (not) fun.

tom cruise

I mean just look at him hanging of a plane being super cool and awesome! Haha.

This blog post was way different to usual, but I’m in a weird mood. Gotta be up early for hospital though 😦 but yeahhh, keep smiling, Harrison 🙂


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