My Dream Travel Destinations

As someone who vows to explore the world and immerse myself in various cultures and climates, I thought why not share with you some of my dream travel/backpacking destinations. These places, as you will probably notice, are extremely different in both climate and culture, but equally as appealing and awesome and one day (after education) I’m sure I will give them a visit. This is in no particular order.

Okay so first up is Finland. My initial desire to travel Finland came after watching this video by travel vloggers ‘VagaBrothers’ where they explored Helsinki (the stunningly beautiful capital) in the summer. With amazing scenery, incredible architecture and design and a sun that never sets, Finland really does have it all. Finland offers both the city and country style landscape and culture, and with various towns and villages to explore, as well as the old markets and infamous Finnish sauna experience, there really is no getting bored and that’s enough to persuade me.


Next on my bucket list is India. As the majority of my interest lies in budget travel, India is definitely a must. India offers an experience completely different from anywhere in the world (I mean there are elephants and camels walking the streets) and much like neighbouring countries in South East Asia, it can be done on an extremely tight budget. The chaotic streets, endless amounts of tourist attractions and one of the best cuisines in the world all combine to make India standout to me as a must to travel. Many travellers agree that India is an eye opening experience and that chance encounters with beautiful, poverty stricken children can prove to be life changing. If you can avoid the scams, because, unfortunately, they do exist, then India will most definitely deliver you the experience of a lifetime. And what’s more is you can get a beer for 50p!


One final place I intend on travelling is another country in South East Asia, Thailand. Probably the most famous backpack destination in the world, and for all the right reasons. It’s cheap, beautiful, and easy to get around (although those Tuk Tuk’s do look rather scary) and offers a culture which blends the religious and historical elements with crazy nightlife and hectic, and very cheap, markets. Thailand is also home to the ‘Full Moon Party’, which is arguably the craziest party in the world that brings around 10,000 people to a beach once a month to have the night of their lives. Whatever you desire from your travels, Thailand has it. Exotic beaches, amazing food, and a pleasant mix between the old and new, Thailand is one place I dream of one day getting the pleasure of visiting.


Okay so that was my list, I could have gone on forever with this but wanted to keep it brief (may do another list at a later date). Let me know your dream travel destinations in the comments, I would love to know, and maybe even learn about somewhere I’ve never even thought about myself! Thank you for reading. Keep Smiling, Harrison 🙂

(None of the pictures used are mine)


5 thoughts on “My Dream Travel Destinations

  1. I am glad that You want to visit Helsinki. It is great town in summer indeed. I know it very well, because I was born in Helsinki.

    Well, Helsinki is part of Finland but the real Finland is outside it. It can only feed imagination how Finland is outside Helsinki. If You are not afraid cold, so why not visit Finland in winter and travel to the North. There you can find experiences which You do not forget. Here are my two examples from wintry Finland:

    World’s Biggest Snow Castle.

    Arctic Circle in winter.

    Anyway, You are welcome! Happy and safe travels!

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  2. (so I just followed your blog and I feel obligated to comment or something) but I actually also really want to go to Finland! also you seem really awesome! 🙂

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