Anti-Feminism and International Women’s Day!

Anti-Feminism is something I find ludicrous and extremely baffling. I appreciate the fact you may not be a feminist or advocate equality between genders (because that’s what feminism is, equality, not superiority) however to call yourself an ‘anti-feminist’ is just plain stupid and incredibly naïve. I also understand that the differentiation between feminists and post-feminists, or ‘feminazi’s’, as they are known by many, is cloudy nowadays and there are frequent misinterpretations between the two definitions. I’m not going to bore you with the logistics but post-feminism is the advocacy of female superiority, which is also irrational and outrageous. Anyway back to the point. Those that do in fact oppose feminism, which let me emphasise again is equality for genders, owe many of the things they class as normal or luxuries to these so called men haters. For example women could not vote, women can now have a career independent from their husband if they wish, they can now wear what they like, have the right to divorce a man, not be treated like property, and the list goes on. Even today gender equality is an issue and to say feminists are just playing the victim is silly since by being a feminist you are supporting men’s rights as well. Basically what I’m trying to say is don’t call yourself an anti-feminist or say you don’t need feminism before actually thinking about it and/or doing some research if required, because who knows, without feminists women could quite easily be treated like cattle.

Whilst on the subject of women, happy International Women’s Day to all you women out there!

Keep smiling, Harrison 🙂


2 thoughts on “Anti-Feminism and International Women’s Day!

  1. I wish I was quite so eloquent at your age.

    Also if any MRA idiots call you a White Knight or a Beta male (as these misguided souls have been known to) thank them and tell them to look up the real meanings of both of these words 😄.

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  2. I am not so sure identifying as a anti-feminist is as bad as you are making it sound. As someone who likes to see myself as a modern day anti-feminist I am striving to keep the whole idea of feminism what the ideology meant for it to be and not what has become. If you are cool, as a male, being made out to be the predator, that is fine!


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