Army of Emotions

Anger – A grenade in my stomach, ready to explode at any moment.

Pain – Holds me in its vice like grip.

Shame – Envelops me, like a heavy shroud in a black tomb.

Fear – Its long gnarled fingers creep over me when I least expect.

Revenge – Its unrelenting desire to inflict pain & suffering in the name of justice.

Guilt – The swirling signs of distress in my family’s eyes, seen in my fitful sleep, over & over.

Frustration – Questions I cannot answer, driven wild sometimes by their insistence.

Forgiveness – Chips away at anger & fear like they are cancers & it is lifesaving chemotherapy.

Gratitude – I’m alive!

Hope – That forgiveness can win.

Okay so that was my attempt at writing a poem/pro’s. I thought why not turn my attack into something positive, and something I can look back on. So I wrote down a list of emotions and what I felt regarding them. Hope you enjoy and it’s not terrible. Keep smiling, Harrison 🙂


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