The Journey to Lake Garda, Italy!

Lake Garda, the largest most elegant lake in all of Italy, surrounded by exquisite scenery and man-made beauty, and right in the heart of Italian culture. The excitement for the promised beach days, themeparks, hot sun and the world’s best pizza was too much to contain. Everything would be perfect once we got there, I say that hesitantly as how did we choose to get there, no, not the short 2 hour flight available, instead the genius minds at my college colluded and decided to take the option of a… 24 hour coach ride! I’m not digging at my teachers or anything, I really do like them, but come on, 24 hours; I think I’d be better suited swimming the channel and walking through France and Switzerland than enduring a day long coach trip. I clearly took this idea with great apprehension, as any sane human would. I mean watching Harvey Specter strut around in a suit and be a badass, whilst extremely entertaining, does not quench the unrelenting boredom for too long, not even the smooth sound of Paolo Nutini managed it. However, other than this lingering feeling of downright boredom, the journey wasn’t actually that bad. That and the obvious lack of sleep, hours of severe pain thanks to a seat as hard as the Rocks abs, the nauseating stench of various bodily odour and the drivers strange and rather weird obsession with 80’s disco music, in particular ABBA, were most definitely worth it. The satisfaction of standing up and relieving the high concentration of pain from my body’s derriere combined with the open armed greeting of Italy’s 30 degrees heat definitely made the journey worthwhile and quickly forgettable in the end. Now where was that pizza?

A picture of me at the top of a mountain in Lake Garda (Monte Baldo)


Keep Smiling, Harrison 🙂


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